• Team

    • Dave Scott

        A veteran marketer, Dave got his start working in live entertainment. Looking to lay down roots, Dave moved into television advertising and quickly made a name for himself. His award-winning work gained international acclaim and even earned a nomination for the prestigious Addy Award in television advertising. With the encouragement of ongoing clients, Dave decided to strike out on his own. He now works as a trusted advisor to clients all over the globe.

      • Nick Scott
        Digital Account Manager

          Dave’s youngest son Nick is a certified Digital Account Manager who specializes in targeted online advertising. Nick is a market researcher par excellence. He spends countless hours analyzing data and carving out creative points of entry for his clients. Thanks to his expertise, our  clients’ ads, social marketing, and PPC campaigns  never miss their target audience.

        • Nikki Diane Ferrer
          Graphic Designer & Web Developer

            Nikki is a graphic designer and web developer with experience working with clients all over the world. Nikki is our double-edged sword. She seamlessly blends a right-brain sense for aesthetics and design with a left-brain flare for meticulous coding and development. That makes her a huge asset not only to our team but to our clients as well.

          • Kenny Silva
            Professional Writer

              Kenny is a professional writer with a knack for helping people tell their stories, change lives, and sell things. Over the past 7 years, he’s written for a variety of small business, non-profit, and ministry clients. Drawing on that experience, Kenny helps our clients craft just the right words to communicate their own unique brand identity.