• Social Media Marketing

    • Businesses have always relied on word of mouth as the foundation of marketing. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest haven’t changed that essential fact; they’ve simply amplified it. Thirty years ago, we were limited in how many people we could tell about a particular business or service. Today, we can reach thousands in only a matter of seconds.

      Brands of every kind now have an unprecedented opportunity to tell their story and gain the attention of people all across the globe. Every customer service interaction has the potential to go viral on YouTube. Every new product has its fair chance to overwhelm Kickstarter and change the world.

      We take a two-pronged approach to social media marketing: 

    • Listening

      There’s a conversation going on in and around your industry. Are you in on it? We take advantage of the most advanced listening tools to identify your target audience and figure out exactly what they’re saying. We listen to what they’re saying so we can develop content that speaks directly to them exactly where they are.

      There are a thousand and one things vying for your customers’ attention. Taking the time to connect with them in this way is what will keep you relevant to their lives. Ultimately, it’s what’s going to keep you in business.

    • Engaging

      The social web is like a massive cocktail mixer. Our goal is to make you the life of the party. Our creative team works tirelessly to create insightful and compelling written content as well as stunning visual pieces. We want to give your customers every reason to not only listen to you but to share what you have to say with their friends.

      The artificial intelligence that runs the web loves to favor highly engaged content. By creating impactful content that people are willing to share, we can send your social capital (human and robotic) through the roof. That means increased social traffic, higher search rankings, and more customers for your business.

      Are you ready to get in on the conversation?  Let us help you get started.