• Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    • Would you spend a $100 to nail down a customer who’s willing to spend $1000? Would you pay $1000 for 10 of them? Using pay-per-click marketing, you literally get to buy high-quality web traffic. The equation is simple: higher web traffic = more opportunities to convert = increased sales.

      Building on our standard practices in ad management, we focus on the following 3 PPC essentials:

    • Advanced Keyword, Market, and Demographic Research

      If we’re paying per visitor, then you better believe we’re only going to pay for the best. We do painstaking research to find out which keyword searches and demographic mixes are most likely to hire or buy from you. We then place ads that are designed to point them to a page on your site that will give them exactly what they’re looking for.

      Our research helps us place the right ad in front of the right person at the right time. 

    • Onsite Conversion Optimization

      If your landing page isn’t optimized for conversion, then that lead you just paid for is going to end up spending their money elsewhere. We’re not about to let that happen. We work with you to develop landing pages that are uniquely designed to capitalize on PPC traffic. Through elaborate testing, monitoring, and tweaking, we continue to work on your site until it’s positioned for optimal conversion.

      We don’t stop until your site is as finely tuned as it can possibly be.

    • PPC Account Management and ROI Tracking

      Market dynamics on Google, Yahoo, and Facebook are always in flux. You need someone working in real time to make sure every bit of your budget keeps going towards high-quality traffic. We constantly make adjustments to maximize your ROI so that you don’t have to.

      Do you want quality web traffic with a high likelihood of conversion?  Let’s talk about a strategy.