• Bloomington Normal SEO Agency

    • SAMG Inc – A Local Bloomington Normal SEO Agency.

      Looking for a search engine optimization specialist located right at home in Bloomington, IL? Look no further than SAMG Inc. We’re a local, full-service digital marketing agency specializing in local SEO. Our creative, professional, cost-effective solutions can help you provide laser-focused targeted marketing at customers in the Bloomington area and beyond.

      We help you get your message to the right audience, at the right place, and at the right time. And we’re not just some flashy agency from out of town – our agency is chock-full of locals, and we employ some of the very best grads from Illinois State. We understand the Bloomington SEO market, and we turn our expertise into profit for your company.

    • Eliminate Guesswork – Work With SAMG Inc For Your Bloomington Normal, IL Campaign

      Search engines and advanced connectivity technologies provide huge business opportunities – but also huge challenges for smaller companies who can’t employ in-house SEO specialists. If you’re a bit lost when it comes to SEO, that’s okay – We will show you how working with our company is easy and cost efficient.

      We know the local market. You don’t have to guess at your keywords or your audience – our team of specialists can help you narrow down your niche market and target your audience with total precision, ensuring that you reach the perfect audience for your needs.

      Whether you’re a small business owner with a car dealership off Veteran’s Parkway, or a coffee shop in Uptown Normal, our team of tech-savvy digital marketing experts can help you design the perfect sales funnel to promote your business, increase sales, and help ensure that you continue to succeed in the Bloomington Normal SEO market.

    • We Know The Bloomington Normal SEO Market – Because We Are Bloomington Normal.

      Nobody knows Bloomington Normal better than those who were born and raised here. Some out-of-town agency isn’t going to know the first thing about the specifics of the needs of a Bloomington Normal -based business – Or the daily challenges they face.

      We know Bloomington Normal because this is our home – we hire local talent from ISU, find the best hometown SEO specialists and marketers, and combine their knowledge of advanced technology with their hometown Bloomington Normal background to deliver only the best results.

    • We Do The Research And The Legwork – You Get The Sales

      Getting the right eyes on your website on any search engine is a difficult process, but at SAMG Inc, we have a team of seasoned Bloomington SEO specialists who can help you sift through all the information on your market, and devise the perfect market strategy to maximize your SEO reach and increase your market share, sales, and profits.

      By designing a solution that can target the right audience at the right time during the buying cycle, we can reduce the amount of “window-shopping” that your company experiences, and help convert those curious about your services and products into loyal, paying customers.

    • The Most Dedicated Bloomington Normal SEO Agency – Period.

      SAMG, Inc is dedicated to your success – because we don’t succeed unless you do. We can’t make money unless you make money. It’s that simple. Our dedication to your success is unmatched by any other Bloomington Normal SEO agency – or any other SEO specialist

      Your job is to provide the very best products, the very best services, to all of us in Bloomington Normal, IL.
      And our job is to make sure that your customers – both current and potential – Find you fast.

      So, get in touch today and see how SAMG, Inc can change your business for the better with a smart, locally targeted SEO campaign. See below for a sampling of our specializations, and get in touch for a full quote for our services.

    • Initial Campaign Setup:
      • In-depth analysis of your website
      • Mobile compatibility check
      • Check for content duplicacy
      • Assess existing backlinks
      • Check for Google penalties
      • Provide competitor analysis of top 5 companies
      • Provide comprehensive keyphrase and keyword research
      • Implement a focused keyphrase and keyword strategy
    • Content Marketing and Link Acquisition
      • SEO page content development
      • Blog research and writing
      • Press release writing & distribution
      • Press release social bookmarking
      • Guest blog outreach
      • Guest blog social bookmarking
      • Question and answer posting
      • Infographic creation and placement
    • Site Optimization
      • Optimization of titles and meta tags
      • Optimization of website content
      • Optimization of mobile websites for maximum speed and lowest loading times
      • Optimization of page load speeds and analysis of slow-loading pages
      • Cleanup and optimization of HTML code
      • Restructure internal links and optimize
      • Optimization of header tags
      • Standardization of links with 301 redirects
      • Implementation of markup schema
      • Optimization of hyperlinks and images
      • Analysis and creation of Robots.txt
      • Comprehensive site-mapping services
      • Google & Bing webmaster tools setup
      • Google Analytics setup & integration
    • Social Media Marketing
      • Google Plus page setup
      • Facebook page setup
      • Twitter account creation
      • Unique social media posting
      • Facebook ads management
    • Video Marketing
      • Youtube channel creation
      • Mobile video advertising
      • Corporate explainer videos
    • Local Search Optimization
      • Citation building
      • Google My Business and Bing Local Listing
      • Google AdWords management
      • Updating pages & schema integration
      • Classified submissions
      • Coupon and special offer distribution
    • Weekly / Monthly Reporting
      • Search engine ranking report
      • SEO reports
      • Google Analytics analysis report
      • Activity report
      • Monthly action plan
      • Available online, on the phone or in person