• Our Story

    • Our founder Dave is no stranger to marketing and advertising. In fact, he’s spent eight years designing multi-channel cross-platform marketing campaigns as an ad executive for one of the nation’s largest TV broadcast companies.

      Over that time, Dave watched the industry evolve dramatically. Thanks to new advances in digital media, TV advertising began to look a whole lot different than it did 10 years ago. While many of his peers thought this meant their industry was in trouble, Dave saw it as an opportunity.

      For marketing executives who had been around too long, advertising was all about numbers. How many people could you reach with a given ad? If that was your take on it, then marketing meant crafting a slick ad and forking over piles of cash to get it in front of as many people as possible.

    • The proliferation of digital media had significantly challenged that model. Everyone was beginning to curate their own content and the number of media “channels” was growing exponentially. Clearly, the shotgun approach to advertising simply wasn’t going to work anymore.

      The old model of throwing clients’ money at major market ad buys could no longer cut it in the new world of targeted multichannel digital marketing. As far as Dave saw it, the problem wasn’t with TV advertising itself. That medium was and will continue to be a powerful tool when used in the right way. TV advertising wasn’t going away. It was going everywhere. He decided that he had to go with it.

      Dave set out to combine the reach of traditional advertising with the precision of digital technology. His clients picked up on this shift almost immediately. Impressed with the results of his more strategic and holistic approach, they encouraged him to start his own firm where he could handle all of their marketing needs.

    • And so, Scott Advertising and Marketing Group was born.

      SAMG is as an all-inclusive digital advertising agency on a mission to serve as a brand champion for small and medium businesses. We’re dedicated to helping local businesses grow market share in a competitive digital landscape.

      As a team, we’re bringing together the time-tested methods of traditional advertising with the most up-to-date tools of marketing technology.   Our creative professionals   deliver stunning web content that both captivates potential customers and wins the attention of robotic gatekeepers like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook.

      Interested in finding out more about who we are and what we do?  Let’s have a conversation.